Backwards Beauty (Paperback)

    Backwards Beauty (Paperback)

    Jessie Minassian
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    If ten girls were asked to describe the “perfect” girl, they would likely rattle off an eerily similar list of qualities—from hair, skin, and weight to a cute button nose. That’s a problem, because God has given girls a desire to be desirable. If girls think that they will be most wanted if they fit a one-size-fits-all image of “perfection,” they will continually chase that proverbial carrot their entire lives.

    Backwards Beauty examines ten cultural lies young women listen to regarding beauty to help them unpack how they’re looking at themselves through the wrong lens. The “tips to feel ugly” range from “compare yourself to every other girl” to “eat junk and diet, diet, diet.”

    Reading a book by Jessie Minassian is like sitting down with a friend and talking about the hard things in life. Girls will be able to find freedom and hope in the midst of a culture that idolizes beauty.

    About the Author

    Jessie Minassian is an author, speaker, and the resident "big sis " at, a website for teen girls, where she gets to chat with teens about . . . life, love, and God - so, just about everything. Jessie longs to see young women embrace the God who loves them and to help them apply His truth to their everyday lives. Jessie, a native Californian, lives in Aurora, Colorado, where she, her husband, and their two daughters enjoy hiking in the Rocky Mountains and visiting the local farmers' market.