Around The World On 50 Bucks How I Left/Nothing/Returned A Rich Man (Paperback)

    Around The World On 50 Bucks How I Left/Nothing/Returned A Rich Man (Paperback)

    Christopher Schacht
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    Christopher Schacht shares his incredible experiences, revealing what he has learned along the way about life, love, and God, describing touching and bizarre encounters and insights that aren't found in any travel guide.

    Christopher Schacht was only nineteen years old and had just finished his apprenticeship when he put a dream into motion. With only 50 euros in savings, he traveled around the world, relying only on his friendliness, flexibility, charm, and willingness to work for his shelter and food.  Christopher traveled for four years, visiting 45 countries and traversing 100,000 kilometers on foot, hitchhiking, and on sailboats. He has earned his living as a jeweler, locksmith, au pair, and fashion model. He lived among aborigines and drug dealers and has journeyed through the most politically unstable areas of the Middle East.

    "My plan was not to have a plan, just live without schedules and time pressure, where I could stay in places that I enjoyed until I was ready to move on."

     About the Author

    Christopher Schacht, born in 1993, grew up in the village of Sahms, near Hamburg in Northern Germany. Over a four-year period he traveled to more than forty-five countries and covered more than sixty thousand miles: walking and hitchhiking, and not once using a plane (who knew you can hitchhike across oceans?). His only provisions were an adventurous spirit, a positive attitude, a bright smile, and the willingness to embrace what lay ahead-whatever people, traditions, cuisine, and work opportunities came his way.