Animals Of The Bible/Angels Of The Bible/Children Of The Bible (Combo)

    Animals Of The Bible/Angels Of The Bible/Children Of The Bible (Combo)

    Wendy Maartens
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    When you think of animals in the Bible, what animal comes to mind first? Is it one of the animals from Noah’s ark? Or maybe the sheep the shep­herds looked after on the night Jesus was born? Well-known children’s author Wendy Maartens has created an educational and fun-filled book for eager beav­ers who wish to learn more about the amazing animals found in the Bible.

    Animals of the Bible explores 30 stories from the Old and New Testaments, and the special animals featured in them. Children will learn more about the part each animal play­ed in the Bible and how each animal can still be found living among us today. Each of the Bible stories contains interesting animal facts and a fun idiom with its meaning to teach children in a playful way more about the beautiful animals God created.

    Catherine Groenewald’s brightly colored illus­trations will set children’s imaginations alight as they read about donkeys, lions, fish, eagles, and more, and learn valuable life lessons from our animal friends. Young readers will be amazed by God's creativity and the wonder of creation.

    “What are angels?” “What do they do?” “Do they have names?” In Angels of the Bible, renowned children’s author Wendy Maartens answers these ques­tions and more about God’s angels. Children will be introduced to special angels from 18 different Bible stories like Jacob’s dream, Balaam’s talk­ing donkey, the angel who gave food to Elijah, and the angel who brought good news to Mary. Angels of the Bible includes colorful illustrations by Catherine Groenewald that bring to life the angels and the Bible stories they ap­pear in. Also included are instructions for folding your very own pop-up angel card.

    Angels of the Bible will help children to dis­cover that angels are real and they are every­where – they’re God’s loving servants and they are our friends!

    The children of the Bible were ordinary children. Some of them were obedient and brave. Others were scared and lonely. But God had a special plan for each of them. God has a special plan for your children too.

    Children of the Bible consists of 19 engaging stories written by Wendy Maartens that introduces children to the childhood of well-known Bible char­acters such as Joseph with his colorful coat, Moses in the basket, Samson with his long hair, and special Baby Jesus.

         Children of the Bible concludes with leading questions that children can use to write their own story. This is a Bible storybook perfect to teach little hearts that anyone can be used by God to make a difference – no matter age or size!

    About the Author and Illustrator


    Wendy Maartens is a journalist, trans­lator and award-winning children’s auth­or with 27 titles to her name, four of which have been translated into indige­n­ous lan­guages. Twenty-two years of teach­­ing third-graders has prepared her to do what she had always dreamed of ... to earn a living with words. Wendy es­pe­cially has a passion for South African legends as well as stories that help to em­power children living in difficult socio-economic cir­cum­stances.

    Catherine Groenewald studied art at the PJ Olivier Art Centre in Stellenbosch; thereafter she went on to do Fashion Design – working for a couple of years as a designer. In 2004 she was selected as one of the winners in Sappi's national book illustrator/writer com­pe­tition. Catherine lives in Stellenbosch on a small hold­ing with her husband, three children, some cows, a few chickens and their faithful dogs.