Angus Buchan On The Bible (DVD)

    Angus Buchan On The Bible (DVD)

    Angus Buchan
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    Be blessed, strengthened and encouraged by the Word of God – the Bible.

    The Bible is the ultimate authority for any believing Christian. I cannot stress enough, how alive, how real, and how important this book is in these last days. The Word of God is more precious to me than anything else I own.

    I believe in this book from cover to cover and hope it is the same for you. The Bible gives me clear direction, it picks me up when I am down, it tells me what to do, how to do it and when to do it! The Bible is a personal book and if I obey the Word, I may be perceived to be a wise man! It worries me when I see men and woman in the church, disregarding the Word of God.

    It really concerns me because the Bible is our compass. We need to get back to the Word of God – when we do that we will see the power of God manifest in our lives. Maybe you are at home and you are feeling down and out – my prayer is that these messages will encourage you to read this Book and you will find that God will rejuvenate you from the inside out.


    Part 1 - ‘In the Beginning’ John 1:1

    Part 2 - ‘Clear Direction’

    Part 3 - ‘Divine Authority’

    Part 4 - ‘Relevance’

    About Angus Buchan

    Angus Buchan het die roeping ervaar om die evangelie te verkondig, en in 1980 stig hy Shalom Ministries in Suid-Afrika. Hy skryf, neem TV-boodskappe op en reis om die woord van God aan mense wêreldwyd te bring. Hy is voltyds evangelis en ‘n gewilde spreker. Angus en sy vrou, Juill, bly op die plaas Shalom in die KwaZulu-Natalse Middelland.