Angels (Paperback)

    Angels (Paperback)

    Ed Rocha
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    How God uses angels to heal, protect, and comfort us

    After a powerful experience in the presence of the Holy Spirit, Ed Rocha began to witness healings, signs, and wonders--and angels. Now he shares remarkable insights about these holy messengers. This practical and biblically grounded book is packed with real-life stories about supernatural encounters. Through an exploration of Scripture, Rocha answers questions like

    ·         Where do angels live?

    ·         How do angels deliver messages to me?

    ·         Are guardian angels watching over me?

    ·         What does it mean that healing is "in their wings"?

    ·         Can I pray to see angels?

    Angels--God's Supernatural Agents will stir your heart to realize these powerful and majestic servants of God are bringing you his healing, strength, and deliverance.

    About the Author

    Ed Rocha has a theology degree from International Bible Institute of London and is currently pursuing his M.A. in theology. His healing ministry takes him all over the world to speak and teach. Ed and his wife, Dani, have a daughter and split their time between the U.S. and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they are planting a church with the Global Awakening network.