A Sacred Assembly (DVD)

    A Sacred Assembly (DVD)

    Angus Buchan
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    A Sacred Assembly (DVD)

    "We believe God has given to the Believers in South Africa a commandment and a mandate to gather together in one place, at one time and to repent (say sorry), so that Jesus can heal this land. - Angus Buchan

    So on the Saturday the 19th of November at the largest stadium in South Africa, people from every walk of life gathered together before the Lord as a Nation to petition Almighty God to intervene on behalf of His people who are in a desperate situation.

    This is the broadcast from that day.                                                                                                            

     The Lord will be zealous for His Land. He will pity His People.

     He will send us food.   We shall be content.

    And Father will no longer make us a reproach among the Nations. (Joel 2 : 18-19)