A Reason To Stay (Texas Gold Collection)(Paperback)

    A Reason To Stay (Texas Gold Collection)(Paperback)

    Kellie Coates Gilbert
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    Sometimes the thing that keeps us from making the wrong choice is the one thing we can't control

    As an investigative reporter and the host of her own TV talk show, Faith Marin works to expose the truth for her viewers. But in her personal life, she's anchored her world with firm boundaries in order to hide a family history she'd like to forget. By contrast, her husband Geary's life is an open book. An easy-going pro bass fisherman, Geary is the ultimate family man--and his overbearing relatives don't know the meaning of boundaries.

    Faith and Geary haven't been married long when their differences start to derail their tender relationship. Surely love shouldn't be this hard. While Faith considers whether divorce is the only answer to their issues, tragedy strikes. With her life in the balance, she finds that the one she has been shutting out may be the very one she cannot bear to lose.

    Kellie Coates Gilbert takes you on an emotional roller coaster as she weaves together unexpected trial, self-discovery, and forgiveness in this profoundly honest portrait of the tensions that can break a marriage--and the ultimate healing power of love.


    "When I want a powerful read full of emotion and angst, my go-to author is Kellie Coates Gilbert. A Reason to Stay delivers on all counts. I cheered, I cried, I fell in love. An excellent read." - Deeanne Gist, bestselling author of Tiffany Girl

    "Once again Gilbert's seasoned pen paints a heart-tugging, emotional landscape as unpredictable and stunning as a Texas spring. Kellie gathers the broken shards of a woman's life and with masterful precision pieces together a poignant and victorious story of committed love." - Lynne Gentry, author of The Carthage Chronicles

    "A fast-paced, emotionally poignant read. With a strong premise, clever characterization, and a heroine you'll root for until the very last page, Gilbert is sure to win the hearts of her readers with A Reason to Stay." - Nicole Deese, bestselling author of the Letting Go series and A Cliché Christmas

    "A deeply honest portrayal of one woman's battle for her life and marriage. A Reason to Stay is an absolute must-read for anyone who has ever doubted the power of love. Kellie Coates Gilbert has given readers another unforgettable story." - Tina Ann Forkner, author of Waking Up Joy

    About the Author

    Kellie Coates Gilbert is a former legal investigator and trial paralegal, and the author of A Woman of Fortune and Where Rivers Part. Gilbert crafts her emotionally charged stories about women in life-changing circumstances in Dallas, Texas, where she lives with her husband.