A Quick Guided Tour Through The Bible (Paperback)

    A Quick Guided Tour Through The Bible (Paperback)

    Stephen M Miller
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    You'll feel as if you're on the scene as the big events from the Bible unfold in this unique visual guide. Nearly a hundred easy-to-read maps, created with data from NASA, and 150 additional graphics are paired with fast-paced, magazine-style accounts. You'll find a fresh perspective on plenty of biblical highlights, including...

    ·         Finding Rebekah: Long Walk for a Good Wife

    ·         Moses Takes the Scenic Route

    ·         How to Convert a Hardcore Jew: Paul on the Road to Damascus

    With a touch of humor, seminary-educated newspaper journalist Stephen M. Miller draws from the finest biblical scholarship to lead you on an informative and entertaining journey from Genesis to Revelation.

    About the Author

    Stephen M. Miller is the bestselling author of Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible (Retailer’s Choice Award for best nonfiction book of the year), The Complete Guide to the Bible (400,000 copies sold), and many other books, which have sold over a million copies. He and his wife, Linda, live in Kansas and have two adult children.