A Disruptive Gospel (Paperback)

    A Disruptive Gospel (Paperback)

    Mac Pier
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    Stories to help readers impact their communities

    What would happen in your city if 10 percent more people became vibrant Christians who worked together for the good of the community? Mac Pier knows from firsthand experience that when the gospel invades your city, big things start to happen. For thirty years he's watched and participated in what God has been doing in New York City. Now he shares true stories of transformation to inspire readers who long to see God move in their own communities. He helps readers understand the greatest barriers to the gospel in major cities all over the world, shares hopeful stories of reconciliation, highlights the passion and leadership of millennials advancing the gospel, and offers insight into how to start or join a gospel movement wherever in the world readers find themselves.

    Anyone looking for motivation and inspiration to join God where he is working will love these exciting dispatches from the front lines of outreach on five continents.

    About the Author

    Mac Pier is the founder and CEO of The New York City Leadership Center and was instrumental in founding the inaugural Movement Day conference. A resident of New York City since 1984, Mac lives in a diverse neighborhood with residents from more than 100 ethnicities and attends church with people who speak 60 different languages. He is the author of Spiritual Leadership in the Global City and Consequential Leadership, coauthor of The Power of a City at Prayer, and a contributor to Signs of Hope in the City.