7 Simple Skills For Every Man (Paperback)

    7 Simple Skills For Every Man (Paperback)

    Bill Farrel
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    As a man, you were created to do--to pursue worthwhile goals, overcome obstacles, and have an enduring influence on your world. But these pursuits are often complicated, and the more complicated life becomes, the more you struggle to stay motivated.

    The good news is that you can learn and practice seven simple skills that will enable you to stay on course. You can navigate even complex situations as you equip yourself to

    • develop an interactive relationship with God
    • focus on what's important
    • handle the unique challenges of your current stage of life
    • influence the people you care about
    • become a skilled lover

    It is a great privilege and a powerful responsibility to be a man. With help from this book, you can become even more effective and experience greater success in your relationships, your work, and your walk with God.