5 Things Every Parent Needs To Know About Their Kids And Sex (Paperback)

    5 Things Every Parent Needs To Know About Their Kids And Sex (Paperback)

    Anne Marie Miller
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    Most parents dread talking about sex with their children. Anne Marie Miller loves giving "the talk." As she has shared her personal story and talked about God's gift of sex with almost half a million young people, she's noticed some disturbing patterns:

    ·         Google is how kids learn about sex

    ·         Kids are learning about sex and viewing pornography earlier than parents think

    ·         The sexually abused often don't tell anyone for fear of getting in trouble

    ·         Sexual messages are being consumed daily through mainstream and social media

    ·         Most parents think their child is the exception

    Instead of sweeping this topic under the rug, Miller wants to change the narrative. In this immensely practical and well-researched book, she equips parents to have meaningful and age-appropriate conversations with their children about sex, pornography, and sexual abuse. She advises parents on how to keep the lines of communication open so that their children know they can trust them with their fears, struggles, and mistakes. Most important, she offers hope to worried parents that their children can grow up with a healthy biblical view of sex as a gift from God.

    About the Author

    Anne Marie Miller is the author of five books and has been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Relevant Magazine, Leadership Journal, Christianity Today, Neue, Reject Apathy, Youth Worker Journal, Outreach Magazine, PurposeDriven.com, ChurchLeaders.com, The United Methodist Reporter, and BeliefNet.com. She speaks frequently at colleges, conventions, and churches in the United States and internationally. Anne Marie and her husband, Tim, live in Iowa.