5 Minutes Before And After Death (Paperback)

    5 Minutes Before And After Death (Paperback)

    Isak Burger
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    Unravels the secrets and mysteries of death.

    Death is an inevitable part of life. A reality that hurts. But it is also the beginning of the life hereafter. And that is exactly where all your questions arise …

    ·         Is my date of death predestined – and by whom?

    ·         What happens before you take your last breath?

    ·         Where do you go after you die?

    ·         What does hell look like and must we fear ending up there?

    ·         Can you go to heaven when you commit suicide?

    ·         What will it be like to spend eternity with Jesus?

    5 minutes before and after death unravels the secrets and mysteries of death. It is blatantly honest about unbiblical religious views and warns you to make the right decision today! It’s not a sermon intended to scare you …

    The words of Jesus about the afterlife in Luke 16:19-31 will answer most of your questions. Isak Burger’s insight and wisdom found in the Word, will replace your fears with certainties about God’s free gift of grace.

    This book will give you new-found appreciation for the privilege of being able to live your life to the full. You have a wonderful prospect awaiting you after you die! When you’re mourning a loved one’s death – take courage in the fact that you will be reunited with them one day!

    About the Author

    Dr Isak Burger is a church leader, pastor, family man, but most importantly he loves Jesus Christ and spreads the Good News. One of his greatest joys as an author is to hear how people find peace through his books. He is passionate about writing because he wants to make hell poorer and heaven richer.