The Sport Coach (Paperback)

    The Sport Coach (Paperback)

    Jannie Putter
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    A Coach / Teacher touches more lives in one season
    Than most people will touch in a life-time…

    Who teaches our coaches?  Who counsel with them?  How many of us can testify to the dramatic impact a coach / teacher had in your own life regarding your self-image, what you believe to be possible and eventually what you decided to do with your life / dreams / talents?  How many of us live with regrets because we were filled with fear when we were young?

    The Sport Coach – the psychology behind coaching”  is a book / manual for coaches and teachers to assist them in this important role and job they have of guiding, teaching, coaching and mentoring our youth into becoming significant and meaningful adults in life.

    Important aspects like:

    • Knowing the athletes / children you work with – who they are and how they think…
    • How successful relationships are built – aspect like building trust, having an agreement etc.…
    • How to deal with adversary and disappointments as well as victories..
    • How to motivate athletes and the different scenarios of competition we face in life…
    • How to coach someone to become mentally tough and not give up in the face of adversary.
    • The psychology behind training – how to optimize opportunities and intrinsic motivation.
    • Dealing with demanding parents of athletes…
    • Building a team / team spirit
    • Critical factors on psychological level any coach and teacher should be aware of etc.…

    About the Author

    Jannie Putter is a leader on mental coaching in South Africa. He was a provincial and national sportsman and has degrees in Psychology, Sport Science and Sport Psychology. He is the author of several top-selling books regarding parenting, mental Coaching, self-mastering and leadership. He is a well-known Motivational speaker and works with many sport teams and Individuals from all spheres of life.